The Gift of Honouring Your Pet

For most of us, death comes to visit for the first time when we are children, when our beloved pet dies.

Just as we grieve when a family member dies, we need to grieve when a pet dies, because, for most of us, our pets are family members.  In order to grieve fully, we need to have closure on the life that we once shared with our pets.  

Through the death of a pet,  we and our children can learn how to say goodbye to someone we’ve loved.  Children will have many questions, and if the questions are answered honestly, with no sugar coating, this can lead to a healthy, positive view of death.  

Whether your pet is in the dying process or has already died, you and your family have the opportunity to honour and love them as they continue in their journey. 

You can honour your pet by holding space for them at their time of death, they know you are there and can hear you. Having you there will ease the fear and make it easier for them to transition out of this life.

After death, you can honour them with a funeral; invite friends and family to say their goodbyes.  You can choose a green burial for your pet by burying them in your backyard in a simple biodegradable shroud. 

It's important to honour and grieve our pets.  Using ceremony to celebrate how much love and happiness our pets gave us helps to facilitate a healthier grieving process.

If your pet is in the process of journeying out of this life, you can easily plan for a green funeral with the help of The Green Pet Funeral & Memory Box. 

What's in the box, you ask?


1 Unfinished wooden box (can be used to keep mementos and/or ashes in a sealed bag)
1 Biodegradable shroud with 3 hand-braided jute ties.
6 Coloured markers (to decorate the shroud and memory box)
1 Small bottle of essential oil (Frankincense - used in the Anointing Ceremony)
1 Candle
1 Wildflower seed bomb
1 Code to access The Green Pet Funeral Guide (Contains how-to guide, poetry, resources, etc.)


Prices range from $45.00 - $60.00 (no tax), you can order yours by contacting me here. (link goes to email)

Delivery is free in the Greater Moncton Area, should you live outside of the area, please let me know, and I can arrange shipping via Canada Post for a fee.


If you have any suggestions as to what can make The Green Pet Funeral & Memory Box even better, I'd like to hear them! 

*Please note, not all items may be exactly as pictured, colours and styles may differ.