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Death positivity is a movement that encourages individuals to embrace death as a natural part of life and to approach the subject with openness and positivity. If you're looking to show off your death positivity, great gear is an excellent way to do so.


Whether you're interested in skull-themed journals, t-shirts with death-positive messages, or even biodegradable cell phone cases, there are plenty of options available to help you display your enthusiasm for the movement. By wearing or carrying these items, you can start conversations about death positivity and spread the message to others who may not yet be familiar with it.


Additionally, using great gear can be a fun way to celebrate your own individuality and interests, while also promoting a more positive and accepting attitude toward death.

Death-positive t-shirts for the whole family, to remind us all that death is a natural part of life that can be embraced. 

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Death-Positive T-Shirts

 A unique selection of biodegradable cell phone cases that were designed with death-positivity in mind. Our cases are eco-friendly and designed to decompose in the soil, making them the perfect way to express your values.

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Death-Positive Cell Phone Cases​

Death-Positive Writing Journals

Reflections of Life & Death Book Website.png

A perfect journal for anyone looking to explore death and life in a more meaningful way. Filled with thought-provoking death-positive quotes and delightfully posed skeletons in the background of each of the 160 (80 double-sided) lined pages, this book encourages writers to reflect on their own mortality and appreciate life more deeply as they write.

A unique and inspiring writing journal that celebrates life and death. The sugar skulls in the background provide a touch of whimsy and remind us that death is a natural and important part of life. The quotes throughout offer encouragement and wisdom, helping you to reflect on your own life and death. This journal is perfect for anyone who wants to explore their thoughts and feelings about death in a positive and meaningful way.

The perfect writing space for anyone who is looking to process their emotions and navigate the difficult journey of grief. This journal features beautiful, serene images of dried flowers faded in the background on every page, serving as a gentle reminder of the love and memories that still linger.

Death Meditation - Confronting Mortality

Many of us are scared of death, so we don't think about it or talk about it. It's the one thing we can't escape, and it's something we will have to deal with at the end of our life's journey.


If we don't let death frighten us, it won't have to be as scary as it's typically made out to be. Thinking about death can help us appreciate life more. It can also help us let go of things that are holding us back.

But what if we could control our fear of death? What if we could actually meditate on death and learn to embrace it? When we meditate on death, we can see that it's something of which we don't need to be afraid.


Death is simply a part of life. 

Death meditation can be a powerful tool to help us face our fears head-on. By doing this, we can live our lives more fully and with less fear.


Let's learn to identify with death, so we can relish the freedom of accepting the thought of it instead of fearing it.

I invite you to go on a journey with me to contemplate your own death, and perhaps, your fear of death will be reduced, one layer at a time.

Available on most streaming platforms, or for purchase below.

Listen to a sample here:

Confronting Mortality SampleJules Jones
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$15.00 CAD (no shipping charges)

If you live in Canada and prefer to send an e-transfer, please contact me, and we can make arrangements.

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