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Family-Led After-Death Care

Photo credit: Donna Belk, Crossings Care Circle

You and your family may choose to be involved in washing and dressing of your loved one's body after death has occurred. Those who were most involved in the person’s physical care may feel the most comfortable in doing this. Washing and dressing the body is an act of intimacy and sign of respect. 

As caring for your loved one's body is not easy and can stir up strong emotions,  my guidance* and reassurance will help you do this as a way of honouring your loved one – a final act of kindness to them.  ​You may be comfortable with washing only their hands and face, and that's okay, it's whatever level at which you are comfortable.


If you wish, I can also guide* you through a beautiful anointing ceremony that you and your family can perform as you escort your loved one out of this life.


As families and situations differ vastly from each other, it is somewhat difficult to put a dollar value on families' journeys through dying and death. For this reason, I believe that having a conversation with you and your family about compensation for my work will bring forth an agreement that will work for us all. 


Packages range from $1000-$3500.  Packages do not include the cost of the casket, burial etc. as I'm not legally able to provide these items; I can, however, provide you with resources.

*My role is to guide and encourage you through this part of the journey, I do not physically handle your loved one.


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