Mourning Bracelets
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You Need Space

When you are heavily grieving, you need space. You need an extra allowance from the pressures, impatience and rigid schedules of society.  There is a time warp when you are extraordinarily sad and very little makes sense at this stage. Once upon a time, it was common in many cultures around the world to *show* their mourning... A shawl, a hairstyle, a specific colour... It was a signal to all - family and strangers alike - to give you a little room for grieving. 

Everyone Mourns

You don't outwardly *see* it in our culture, but literally, everyone will be mourning the death of someone at one time or another in their life. It may be their friend, their partner, their parent or even a beloved pet.  You may not be so quick to lash out at someone who is acting irrationally or "crazy" if you knew that their world was turned upside down by a recent death.  Maybe you don't *give* them anything extra, but you might bite your tongue so as not to worsen things.

So Show It

Show the world that you are mourning. Not only will you be given more space to feel, mourn and heal when your vulnerable strength and pain is spelled out, but by doing so, you give others permission to do the same. 


These bracelets are not sold individually as death does not affect just one person. Wear your bracelets with your friend, family or community. 


Let's create a kinder planet.



Two sizes available: Adult and Youth $20.00 CAD/pack of 10 bracelets

(Plus 3.00 CAD shipping for 1 pack/10, add $1.50 for each additional pack shipped within Canada.) 

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