The Gift of Honouring Your Loved One

Having a vigil and home funeral gives you, your family and friends a chance to honour and say goodbye to your loved one in a relaxed atmosphere - in your home.  You can choose to have a 1, 2 or 3 day vigil, it's whatever works best for your situation. Family and friends can become involved in the many tasks of the vigil process creating a spirit of community.  Most people are grateful for an opportunity to show their love by helping. They feel useful and needed, rather than at a loss for what to do, during this difficult time.


You can do as little, or as much as you want for your loved one's final journey.  Candles, incense, and essential oils; I can show you how to create the space in which your family and friends can spend some private time with your loved one.  If your loved one has chosen to be buried in an eco-friendly casket, you can have family members, including children, colour and decorate the casket.

Once your vigil comes to and end, you and your family can say your final goodbyes by holding a funeral ceremony, either at home, or at another location that would suit your needs. 

As families and situations differ vastly from each other, it is somewhat difficult to put a dollar value on families' journeys through dying and death. For this reason, I believe that having a conversation with you and your family about compensation for my work will bring forth an agreement that will work for us all.  Packages range from $1500-$4000.  Packages do not include the cost of the casket, burial etc. as I'm not legally able to provide these items; I can, however, provide you with resources.


*My role is to guide and encourage you through this part of the journey, I do not physically handle your loved one.

Photo Credit: Jerrigrace Lyons, Final Passages

Photo credit:  Jullie Lanoie, New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education and Advocacy

Jules Jones

Death Doula/Death Educator

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