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Death Acceptance Coaching

Facing our mortality can be difficult.


We, as a society, are constantly told not to talk about dying and death– it is ‘morbid.’


So, how can we come to terms with our mortality?  We do the opposite of what we’re told–we talk about it!


Have you or a loved one received a terminal diagnosis?

Do you struggle with talking to family members about your or your loved one’s impending death?

Are you looking for resources on how to deal with dying and death?

Do you want to have a more positive attitude toward dying and death?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I can help!


I offer unbiased, non-judgemental Death Acceptance Coaching via video call software to help you navigate the complex process of dying and death acceptance.


I offer a free 15-minute initial consult if you’re unsure if this coaching is right for you.


$60/hour for individual coaching.


$100/hour for family coaching.

(If you wish to see me in person (in South-Eastern NB), my rate for travel is $30/hour, plus the regular hourly rate)

The preferred methods of payment are e-transfer (within Canada), PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard.


Please note: I am not a grief counsellor or a therapist of any kind. As a death educator, I believe we all need to talk about dying and death, as doing so helps to facilitate a healthier grieving process when the time comes.

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