The Gift of Love

Sometimes when people are dying, they want to talk about it and express their feelings.  Some family members may have a difficult time talking with their dying loved ones about the fact that they are dying.  I can hold a safe space for them to talk about their thoughts and feelings on death and dying.


Taking care of your loved one through the dying process can take quite a toll on your physical, emotional and mental well-being. As a care-giver, sometimes you need to take some time away from your loved one, so you can go and take care of yourself. I will spend some time at the bedside of your loved one and read to them, write letters with them, or simply sit with them and hold their hand.


As families and situations differ vastly from each other, it is somewhat difficult to put a dollar value on families' journeys through dying and death. For this reason, I believe that having a conversation with you and your family about compensation for my work will bring forth an agreement that will work for us all.  Packages range from $1500-$4000.  Packages do not include the cost of the casket, burial etc. as I'm not legally able to provide these items; I can, however, provide you with resources.

Please note:  I do not perform any medical tasks, nor do I provide grief counselling.