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I'll be embarking on a journey of exploration and discovery through travel in the coming months.

While I can't offer most of my services during my travels, I'm still here to chat and support you on your journey of embracing life and all its quirks, even the inevitable.  My Death Acceptance Coaching is going virtual! So, no matter where I am, we can still connect and work together. 

Plus, if you're into spreading those positive vibes about mortality, my Death-Positive Gear is still up for grabs.


Continue to embrace life's rhythm, maintain your sense of curiosity, and let us nurture this remarkable journey together, no matter where our paths may lead us.

Supporting The Dying and Their Families
Through Their Most Sacred Transition

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The single most prevalent fear for humans is death.  The single most healing act available to humans is love.  In caring for our own dying and dead, we love.  As an act of love, we are able to transform our overwhelming fear into something that fills our hearts with awe and our eyes with beauty.

Our dying and dead loved ones are offering us teaching, and healing. They teach of the fleeting nature of life. They teach an appreciation of life and provide an experience for the most profound love as we experience their loss. They teach as we sit with them, as we witness their soul leaving this world. They provide us with an opportunity to act out of our most loving selves.


As a Death Doula, I will guide and encourage you and your family to carry out the heart-led work to care for your beloved family member. I offer truth in clearing the misunderstandings that surround death care. I will give you and your family guideposts on an unfamiliar path.


I will guide your family in honouring the vessel, the body of your beloved. You will disturb it as little as possible. You will tend to it with respect, and as if it is still inhabited by your loved one. You and your family will surround it in gentle light and with tokens of your love.

I understand that caring for our dead is not for everyone, but I believe this heart-led work leads to a healthier grieving process and allows for a little extra time to be spent with our loved ones, even in death.

When you and your family are ready to move forward, I will be there to guide you through what may be some of the most meaningful and loving tasks you will ever do for your loved one.   I will support you and your family as you make those difficult and heartfelt decisions about how you want to care for and honour your loved one through this process.  I will be there to share my knowledge of post-death body care, as well as provide resources for other services you may need, such as grief support, funeral directors, or crematoriums.


I will be there for you and your family.


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